You're a Truth-Seeker,
a World-Changer,
a Chain-Breaker.

You know in the pit of your belly that you've been put on this earth because you have good, life-changing, beautiful work to do in this world.

You also, never in a million years,

imagined it could be this messy,

this heart-gory.

I'm here to tell you:

All the chapters you wish you could rip from the pages of your story, that you think are too stained and slashed to be of any use...

They don't disqualify you from the story you envisioned for your life.

In fact, they are PROOF that you are in the game.

That you are in your story and not about to leave your pages and your ink in the hands of anyone or any force (even if it was you) that has tried to tear them from you.

Believe me when I say this,
because I'm looking you in the eye here:

Those are YOUR pages and YOUR ink, and it is my mission and passion to make that pen so comfortable in your hand that you can't stop writing the new stories that you know in your gut are being whispered to you by Divine Love.

Hello, my friend.

I'm Mariah Jean.
I'm a Truth-Seeker,
a World-Changer,
and Chain-Breaker...
just like you.

And there's a core, unshakable part of my heart that believes so unswervingly in YOU. Maybe it's because I am a big sister, and that has become so intertwined into my cells that now
when I look at you, I see my sister, my brother.
(And I love my siblings, like whoa. Don't even get me started.)

And YOU, my love?! Your eyes hold unlimited worlds of hope and beauty and change that I KNOW were put there to be brought out and poured into this world of hurt we live in, and I won't stop until it does.

Because you're not one to roll over

and pretend like it isn't.

No, you're one of the unstoppables.

And I'm not going to stop

until each and every heart

has been awakened

to their true nature and destiny,

has had the dust

blown off their bones

and life breathed into their lungs,

equipped to take the world by storm

with the power Endowed to them

by the Creator of the Universe.